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A Student's Submission:
1. The Topic
You are the owner of a very busy coffee shop. One of your staff members, named Neil, gets into an argument with a customer. The argument started when the customer accused Neil of not giving her the correct amount of change. Until now Neil has been a very good worker. As Neil's boss how would you handle this situation?
2. The Student's entry
Anyway the boss apologizes for the customer and follows her demand. The boss has to advice to Neil not to make an argument with customers. Neil should inform to the boss if he had any trouble. The boss would insist on his fire if he troubled again
3. Teacher's Comments: (Click here, to add a comment.)
A good effort on a difficult topic! In this exercise you are being asked to write on what you would do in this situation. Your first sentence would be better worded as “I would apologize to the customer, and follow any of the demands she may make”. Similarly, your last sentence could be worded: “I would fire Neil if he made the same mistake again”.
Submitted by: Dan 2006-03-06 22:15:39