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Writing Challenge Writing Topic ( intermediate )
Write a few sentences about your English studies. For example, why are you interested in studying English? How long have you been studying English? Do you prefer to study English by yourself or with a friend?

    Student's Submissions:

1.    A Student's Submission     2006-02-08     ( 2 Teacher's remarks )
    I like to communicate with people in English. I've been studying English for five years. However this is not included school days. I calculaterd from when I studied it hard..... more
2.    A Student's Submission     2006-04-14     ( 1 Teacher's remarks )
    I am interested in learning english because I wanto to travel around the world and know other cultures. I have been studying english for many years and I prefer to study engli..... more
3.    A Student's Submission     2007-03-16     ( 1 Teacher's remarks )
    There are numerous languages in the world nowadays that different kind of people and tribes live on the earth. English is becoming a common language that is spoken in ma..... more

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