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There are numerous languages in the world nowadays that different kind of people and tribes live on the earth. English is becoming a common language that is spoken in many countires. While my country's official language is not English, we learn English from a junior high school as well as students learn English as second language in other contries. English is the appropriate language when we speak with foreigners that is the best tool to commnuicate with. Firstly I did not like to study English when I was a student. Learning something is not always easy for everyone at first. I have been studying English for 10 years in a junior high school and high school for 3 years respectively. After graduating from university, I worked for 2 years. Then I was seriously thinking about my future carrer what I want to work for, how I succeed in business and my whole life. It was obvious that I needed to improve my English skill to work globally. That's why I started to study. Also I have been to Canada for a couple years to study English. Living in Canada was a wonderful experience for me and I could progress with my English. Although I hated to study English before, now I like to study it very much. I still think it is a liitle odd that I changed my mind. However I am getting mature and serious about my own life that makes me study and focus on it. Currently I have been studying English hard for 2 years and now I consider going abroad to study business to obtain knowledge of global trade. I am really interested in studying English because of my future dream. Mostly I study English by myself at home. Because I can concentrate to study alone and make my own study plans. But if I want to improve speaking level, I need to speak with someone in English. Actually I like both to study alone or with a friend. When I study English with my friend who likes to study English and also wants to improve her / his English level, we can share many information each other. Also if we try to speak English, it would be a good English lesson for both of us. There are many implements to help your English level like English books, movies, CDs and internet etc. I will make every effort to learn English to use them.
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