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Ottawa, Canada

About Dan: I work in the computer industry. However, I have English teaching experience to Japanese students. I have put together curriculum that ranges from the beginner level to the advanced level. Have fun!

Lesson title Level Questions
Words that are Commonly Spelled Wrong. 3000 10
Spelling Words Given by Both Multiple Choice and Audioly. 5000 12
I'm really happy! 4000 6
The Best Things In Life!!! 5000 9
Responding to Emotional Phrases. 1000 5
Meeting a new person. 1000 7
Using the word: how 1000 7
Using the words: May I 2000 7
Using the words: do you 1000 10
Using the words: what is 1000 6
Using the Word: Elephant 2000 4
A few interesting passages about animals. 3000 9
A few interesting passages about Canadian' animals. 4000 6
Siimple questions. 1000 3