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Ottawa, Canada

About Daniel: I am the creator and owner of MossmanResources on-line English Schools. I have spent several months in Sapporo, Japan. While in Japan I did some volunteer English teaching. I particularly enjoyed teaching to Intermediate and advanced students. Both the students and I enjoyed the challenged of tacking advanced English Vocabulary and how to use this vocabulary is everyday English conversation. I have created this school for those English students who want a challenge and wish to study TOEFL level vocabulary, dialog, and spelling.

Lesson title Level Questions
Dictionary Definitions for words that are used to describe ethical principles (TOEFL Vocabulary) Part 1. 4000 6
TOEFL spelling: words that are used to describe ethical principles. 4000 9
The dual meaning of the word 'particular' (TOEFL Vocabulary) 4000 6
The difference between the words Estimate and Estimation. (TOEFL Vocabulary) 4000 4
How to use the words: travesty,tyranny,horrendous,and catastrophe (TOEFL Vocabulary). 5000 12
Using the words litigation, litigator and custody. 4000 8
Words that are used to officially recognize something or someone. 4000 5
Using the words illicit, ill-gotten, pessimism and optimism. 4000 9
Using the words systematic, and proclaim. 4000 7
Learn the words: nincompoop, hooligan, nonsense and predator. 4000 10
Making sense of the words ambassador, commissioner, elite, and mediocrity. 4000 7
Happy Canada Day! 4000 6
The multiple meanings of the homonyms 'principal' and 'principle'. 4000 6
A brief history of the Japanese Hot Spring. 4000 5
Some poetic dialog. 5000 6
A lesson to teach you the words: hypothesis, hypocrisy, hypothesize, and hypothetical. 4000 8
A couple of different ways to use words: sharp and carefully. 3000 7
Being honest with someone about your secret love for them. 4000 7
Omiai Kekkon : Arranged Marriage in Japan 4000 5
The Good Wife's Guide. 4000 6
A Haunted English Lesson. 5000 5
Canada and the battle of Vimy Ridge. 5000 6
A few passages taken from 'Stardog Champion's photo blog' 4000 5
Rick Hansen: the Man In Motion 4000 5
How to be successful in Pre-calculus. 4000 5